#bizautrail | 02.05.2020 I race postponed to 18.10.2020

Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out..“

Vaclav Havel 

In this challenging times, no one knows for sure what the future will bring. We definitely have to tell you as SV Bizau that the Bizau Trail on May 2nd, 2020 has tob e canceld.


But despite all the uncertainty, it is a matter close to our hearts that we think about how it could go on and what maybe as a sports club could be our social responsibility these days. And we started to develop visions and ideas. We are deeply convinced that people are looking for and really finding nature in the form of movement right now, even in all loneliness, strength and confidence.


With a #bizautrail 2.0 in autumn of 2020 we want to offer an actual perspective, we want to set a dynamic signal together, we want to lead by example and show, “Hey we believe that we can master this profound crisis together. We want to show that we have exactly this hope that Vaclav Havel speaks of, that it all makes sense, no matter how it ends! “


The #bizautrail 2.0 is not about winding down endless kilometers and making countless vertical meters and it is also not meant to be an elite event for a few exceptional athletes. With #bizautrail 2.0, the nature and mountain experience should be our first priority. It is very important to us that the new route is manageable for everyone with a little preparation. (A clear goal always means motivation and offers you the chance to discover something new, unexpected, beautiful, beneficial for yourself, even when times are difficult. It is precisely this added value that you have to dig up as a treasure for yourself.)


We have come up with an innovative, breathtaking route, with the highlight of crossing the Winterstaude (1877m), which remains very exciting and attractive even for ambitious runners! “Lot’s of golden moments” and a lot of trails are waiting for you at #bizautrail 2.0, that much to be revealed.


Stay healthy!


We look forward to seeing you! More information will follow.


Save the date: October 18, 2020

Organisation: SV Bizau

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